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When: Schedule a time that is convenient to you (depending on availability)

Cost: $1750 for 10 hours spread across multiple sessions

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This 10-hour workshop is offered privately to individuals and couples. Call (206) 420-7345 or email info@hallowelltodaro.com to sign up.

About this WORKSHOP

Offered by Peggy Gomula and Sally Kidder Davis, PCI Certified Parent Coaches®, the focus of this workshop is to provide parents with a “basket” of resources to aid them to more comfortably embrace the work of raising a child with ADHD and executive function difficulties. This workshop is offered privately to individuals and couples in Kirkland and Seattle.  

Included in this workshop:

  • Information about executive functioning skills and the relationship to ADHD

  • Strategies to find calm, get better connected, improve communication and learn the importance of compassion in your relationship with your child

Peggy Gomula

Peggy Gomula

About Peggy

Peggy is married with three grown daughters, the entire family having the gift of ADHD. In addition to being a parent coach for almost 20 years Peggy has also been a teacher and a tutor/coach. She received her parent coaching certification from The Parent Coach Institute and her BA in English and Education from SUNY at Potsdam. She has a private practice in Lynnwood as well as working at the Hallowell Todaro ADHD Center.

As a parent coach, Peggy is committed to helping parents understand the gifts of ADHD, unlock its potential, and providing them with the tools to raise their children in a fun, calm, and connected household.


About Sally

Sally has been supporting parents and families for over 30 years. She earned her bachelors in Psychology and Social Work from Washington State University and her Masters in Community Health Education from Oregon State University. In 2003 Sally became a certified parent coach from the Parent Coaching Institute in Bellevue, WA. Sally is married and she and her husband are adoptive parents of three fabulous young adults. She has been a university health educator, an executive director of two non-profit organizations, and a consultant for a large corporation. Sally was a founding partner and parent coach with Sound Parent for five years.

Currently, Sally has a private practice on Bainbridge Island, and is co-owner of Life’s a Poodle, a company dedicated to promoting the success and dignity of children who learn differently.

Sally Kidder Davis

Sally Kidder Davis