How Will ADHD Parent Coaching Help Me?

By Peggy Gomula and Sally Kidder Davis


Let’s face it—we aren’t raising our children in the same culture that we were raised in. Today’s culture often feels like a merry-go-round: we go around and around and wait for that golden opportunity to jump off and slow things down. But instead of getting off, we stay on for the ride, filling our days with endless emails, texts, and video games in the car and at home. Then we add after school activities and meetings that consistently interfere with our family dinner hour. We read book after book on child rearing, scroll through Facebook groups, listen to podcasts, and watch YouTube and Dr. Phil, hoping to find that one magic formula for solving today’s parenting dilemma. And at the end of the day, we’re as exhausted as our children are, with little to no energy left to devote to ourselves or our partners. 

In order to keep up with this rapid pace, we have to be experts in time management and mindfulness. We need skills in conflict resolution, assertiveness training, and communication. We need to understand the maze of schools and become our child’s best advocate. And our own parents and siblings are rarely close enough to help us raise our children. These days, it feels as if we are swimming in a sea of fear and unknown, alone and without a life jacket. 

But What if it Could Be Different? 

  • What if you could have unconditional support in parenting your child with ADHD?

  • What if you could discover new ways to interact with your child? 

  • What if you and your partner could be on the same page and parent as a team?

  • What if, at the end of the day, you could feel truly satisfied with your parenting decisions? 


We’re Here to Help!

Parents come to us with all sorts of concerns, ranging from finding time for their own self-care, looking for strategies to help their children with time management and organization, creating reasonable screen time agreements, and managing challenging behaviors.


Our Style of Coaching

We’re both graduates of the Parent Coaching Institute and we both have children with ADHD. We use a strength-based model that encourages parents to shift focus from what is not working to what is working well. We absolutely acknowledge that this journey can be challenging and yet, after raising our own children with ADHD, we can recognize the amazing gifts that come with this diagnosis. With our unique perspectives and experiences, we help parents embrace those gifts through a new lens. 


What is Unique About the Hallowell Todaro ADHD Center?

As part of the Hallowell Todaro community, you'll benefit from a range of wraparound services that go beyond the traditional therapy model. In addition to parent coaching, this includes educational classes and workshops, academic tutoring and test prep, professional development services, and school-based support. 


Two Options for Parent Coaching at HTC


The first option is the 6-session Parent Survival Basket Workshop, that covers current information on ADHD, Executive Function, Communication, Connection, Compassion, and Calm, as they all relate to raising a child with ADHD. 



The second option is our 4-session Parent Coaching Package. The first session covers current ADHD information and the remaining three sessions are customized to meet your personal parenting needs.